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MPROvE Simulation Instructor Course International Chapter

26 - 27 October 2024

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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


“Teams that train together improve Patient Care together”

MPROvE are working hard to bring first class simulation and technology-enhanced learning to those who need it

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Dr. Ranjit Gunda

Course Chairman
Chair Scientific Committee,

MPROvE Academy
HOD Neonatology,

Ahalia Hospital,

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Maintaining a comprehensive approach for healthcare emergency preparedness is at the forefront of Abu Dhabi Department of Health’s priorities. One of the key components is to build a competent, skilled, and compassionate healthcare workforce through inter-professional education and training in patient safety. Simulation-based training plays a pivotal role in quality improvement and patient safety. Importantly, the role of simulation is not limited to training health care professionals; it has the potential to act as an excellent tool for systems and facility changes, which in turn, improves patient safety and outcomes.

One of the most important prerequisites for simulation training is trained faculty. Therefore, MPROvE Academy taken initiative to introduce this “Training the trainer programme” to the healthcare professionals who are already medical teachers and very experienced clinicians.

The MPROvE neonatal simulation instructor course was established in the UK in 2012. 

The concept MPROvE relates to multidisciplinary education of any kind being used to improve the quality of care and/or patient outcomes. The intention is to help institutions, hospitals and teams develop faculty skilled in using simulation and technology enhanced learning as an educational tool for quality improvement, delivery of high-quality neonatal care and to improve neonatal outcomes.


Our programme offers a comprehensive training to learn about simulation-based methodology in teaching, learning and its principles. 


The MPROvE team delivers the simulation instructor course in 2 modules. 


Module 1:  The module includes a two-day face to face interactive workshop. It comprises of series of interactive lectures, demonstrations and opportunity to practice the skills needed to become a simulation facilitator.


Module 2:  This module is a 12-week mentored online sessions to further refine the skills. This also helps to obtain certification as simulation faculty.


We assure you that you will become a trained facilitator with required competencies to conduct/train/ teach at your institutes with confidence. We strongly recommend the programme to all the teachers/trainers/faculties in healthcare to further enhance your overall training skills mainly focusing on translational learning through simulation.

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  1. Learning Theoretical Principles of Simulation Based Education

  2. Development of curriculum-based simulation education programmes with accreditation

  3. Developing skills in debriefing and achieving simulation learning outcomes

  4. Working towards formal certification in medical simulation

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  1. Clinicians with Interest in Medical Education (Pediatrics, Neonatology, Emergency Medicine Anesthesia)

  2. Nurse Education Leads

  3. Simulation Educators & Technicians

  4. Paramedical Staff Practicing Simulation

  5. Departments Interested in Developing

  6. Medical Simulation Programmes

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